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If you're here from the internet, I'm most likely an enigma to you. If you found my other website first, then I'm probably still an enigma, but you at least know what I look like. I code because I can. I'm sometimes paid for it, but more often than not, I do it because I want to, or I need something that doesn't exist. So feel free to peruse this site to your heart's content.

Projects - My Poet powered weblog, with a few personal twists and turns.

CommonGd - A charity site done in a weekend. No profit from this one. In production at Dynamic Image - A static image generator for

ajax-chat-plugins - Plugins for AJAX Chat

Podcaster.js - An iTunes compatible auto-generating podcast framework.

More Projects - I have any number of unfinished projects and playgrounds at any time, so feel free to peruse my forks and the like projects that have accumulated on there.


I do consider myself a hacker. I have made a trip to DEFCON, and met people who have made me feel amazingly unintelligent in comparison, but in a very good way. I tinker and hack, and usually break something, but it's all for the best.


I personally have a love of Startup Weekends and Hackathons. They're insanely productive, and great networking events. If you see me at one, say hi.


This will likely fill up with aphorisms, however, they will be sparse in comparison to my blog, where aphorisms fly as freely as dust in the wind. Please, stop by.